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【bet5365亚洲版官方网站2020年第40期】12-2浙江工业大学Wen-Lung Shiau教授: Responsible research—SEM and Power analysis

bet77365娱乐场手机版  baogaoren: zhejianggongyedaxue wen-lung shiau jiaoshou

  shijian:12yue2ri(xingqisan) shangwu9:30-11:30

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  responsible research is a correct study. in a quantitative study, a correct study is related to theory, measurement scale, questionnaires, sampling, hypothesis, testing, (eg, z test, t test, f test, x square test, anova,manova, sem). among them, statistical tests play an important role in decision making. about drawbacks of statistical tests, many researchers have shown the critical issue of power analysis cohen, 1969,1988, 1992, 1994; mcquitty, 2004;mertens and becker, 2020). as we do statistical tests, we need to pay attention to type i and type ii error. but type ii error has always neglected. in this seminar, i share my sem experiences with you, present the power analysis, and talk about the responsible research for future studies.



  wen-lung shiau received the ms in computer science from polytechnic university, new york, u.s. in 1995 and the phd degree from the department of business administration, national central university, chung-li, taiwan in 2006. he is a professor in the department of business administration of zhejiang university of technology, hangzhou city, zhejiang, china. he was a certified instructor of cisco (ccsi), novell (cni), and microsoft (mct) and trained innumerable certified engineers. he wrote 65 books, published 62 journal papers, and had many high cited articles in the web of science, top 1% by citations/field in clarivate analytics (esi).

  his current research interests include sem method, cloud computing service, marketing, networking, and e-business. his papers have been published or accepted in computer communications, expert systems with applications, industrial management & data systems, behaviour & information technology, computers in human behavior, scientometrics, information technology and people, internet research, international journal of information management, european journal of information systems, information & management and among others.


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