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【bet5365亚洲版官方网站2020年第39期】11-30宁波诺丁汉大学Alain Yee Loong Chong教授:Building a sustainable research career: reflections from a “Hai Hao“(还好)researcher (English Lecture)

  shijian:11yue30ri (xingqiyi) shangwu9:30-11:00

  huiyihao:tengxunhuiyi 174 585 041



bet77365娱乐场手机版  in this talk, i will share from my personal experience on how i have continued to be productive in my research collaborations with colleagues and students and publishing in respectable journals. the talk will be a reflection of what my key learnings are from my journey of being a doctoral researcher to becoming a professor.  this talk is mainly relevant to researchers in the field of business and management related disciplines.



  alain yee loong chong is a professor in information systems and dean of graduate school at university of nottingham ningbo china. he obtained his phds from university of nottingham and multimedia university malaysia and was a postdoctoral research fellow at hong kong polytechnic university. his current research interests include technology driven disruptions, social media analytics, digital transformations and mobile computing.  his work has appeared in journal of association for information systems, information & management, decision support systems, transportations research part b: methodological, annals of operations research, international journal of operations and production management and european journal of operations research, among others. he now serves as the co-editor of industrial management & data systems, senior editor of decision support systems and associate editor of information & management.


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